This charter party of affreightment, indented, made, and fully concluded upon this 26th day of August ... between John Coe, master and agent for owners of the good sch. Wren ... and William J. Miller, of Bristol, Rhode Island ... for a voyage to me made by the said John Coe, from Providence, R.I. to Picton, Nova Scotia, and thence to New London, Conn, with a full cargo of coal

Providence: August 26, 1857. Folio pro-forma document (approx. 16" x 10"), fully accomplished in ink, signed by both John Coe and William Miller, with seals affixed; previous folds, old ink splash not touching an text or handwriting; very good. With a lengthy manuscript addendum: "It is further agreed between the parties that [Miller] shall be allowed for the loading and discharging of the vessel at the respective ports ... to have her regular turn with other vessels in loading ... and in case the vessel is detained [Miller] agrees to pay [Coe] demurage at the rate of twenty dollars per day..." Item #56523

Price: $100.00