Panoramic bromide photograph of Honolulu. Chester Melvin Vaniman, photographer.

Panoramic bromide photograph of Honolulu

Hawaii: King Brothers, 1901. First edition, oblong folio, approx. 6.25 x 28.5"; very minor creasing to upper left corner, one small chip to upper left corner measuring 1/8 x 5/16", otherwise a beautifully preserved image in double-matte wooden frame. Scarce panoramic photograph taken by Melven Vaniman (1866-1912), using a panoramic camera of his own design, fitted with a Goerz lens of ten inches focus. In order to catch the shot, Vaniman climbed to the top of the tallest mast on the barque Gerard C. Tobey, and lashed himself with the camera and his apparatus to it. There was tremendous wind, the camera-box was nearly a yard long and over a foot wide, and he nearly fell with them as he tried to take the image. Vaniman began his storied career as a panoramic photographer in Hawaii where he worked until 1904, and was known as an adventurer and businessman whose nickname was the Acrobatic Photographer. He shot images from gas balloons, ship masts, tall buildings, and even a home made 30 meter pole, and later became a famous aviator and balloonist. See: British Journal of Photography, Vol. 48, Supplement, May 3, 1902, pp. 33-34; and, A Different Perspective: Vaniman the Acrobatic Photographer, 2007. Item #46593

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