Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal. Anton Mesmer.
Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal

Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal

Geneve; et se trouve a Paris: chez P. Fr. Didot le jeune, 1779. First edition, pp. [2], vi, 85; 20th-century blue half morocco, gilt lettered spine; fine. Printing and the Mind of Man, 225: Anton Mesmer, an Austrian physician "maintained that a magnetic fluid pervades the universe, exists in every living being, and affects the nervous system...He found that there was a healing magnetic power in his own hands, and that he could obtain results in treating nervous disorders without a magnet, a faculty he called 'animal magnetism'...Fantastic scenes took place in his magnificent consulting rooms, where patients sat around a special tub, while Mesmer appeared, clad in lilac silk, waving an iron wand: perfume, theatrical costumes and dramatic illumination were all part of the treatment. Louis XVI set up a committee, with Benjamin Franklin as chairman and Lavoisier [and others] as some of the members, to investigate 'animal magnetism'. Their report condemned 'mesmerism' medically; but the idea had taken hold and spread all over Europe...There were also many serious disciples such as Puysegur, who developed hypnotism on scientific lines...Much more important scientifically were the experiments of Braid in Scotland and Charcot in Paris, and the development of psychoanalysis: Freud's first experiments were on hypnotic patients; and Jung was particularly close to mesmerism in his belief that consciousness could transcend time and place." Garrison and Morton 4992.1; Hunter & Macalpine, pp. 480-482; Norman Library, M4; Grolier, Medicine 100, no. 47. Item #50062

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