Series of five typed letters on Migliavacca Wine Co. stationery, all addressed to Mr. Al Duprey in Eureka, CA

Napa: February 19 to August 17, 1907. Five lengthy quarto letters, signed "Joe" who was one of the sons of the founder Giocomo Migliavacca. Sadly, no wine at all in the content but rather a discussion of investments. Duprey wants Migliavacca to invest in timber land, but Migliavacca notes that he's just invested in several Portland Cement companies and seeks land not for timber but land with lime deposits. Lots of numbers and financial information are bandied about, and contracts are discussed. Migliavacca asks Duprey for accurate accessors maps, and positions of the lime deposits. The final letter discusses the closing of a deal for 640 acres in Eureka, with an option on 360 more acres. Letters with previous folds, several folds with short splits. Item #50518

Price: $250.00

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