17 things you need to know as a poet. John Gilgun.

17 things you need to know as a poet

[Middletown, CT: Robin Price, 2001.]. Broadside (approx. 11" x 14") limited to 50 copies, one of 34 prints for the portfolio Sock & Kiss, "solicitated and collated by Gordon Fluke & John Risseeuw" plus "additional Roman numeraled copies (this, no. XIV) for standing orders of the press; signed and numbered on the verso by Price and Gilgun; printed in black, blue-gray, and red in Palatino semi-bold "and miscellaneous other faces and a variety or ornaments, wood type, and advertising cuts on Rives BFK White; fine. Counting on Chance, 97: "One of my favorite pieces, was made on the eve of completing Slurring at Bottom...a ripe time to embrace the use of chance in a very different way from the book. With Gilgun's poem, I completely removed any sense of sequence from his lines, an act heartily applauded by Gilgun as a mirror of hisd own use of randomness in composing the poem." Item #52002

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