Item #52697 One page A.L.s. regarding provincial bank notes in Wales. Thomas Rawlings.

On provincial banknotes

One page A.L.s. regarding provincial bank notes in Wales

Padstow, Cornwall: Nov. 15, 1805. 4to (approx. 9½" x 7½"), approx. 20 lines and 150 words; previous folds, mathematical calculations and a note regarding Mr. Rawlings on the verso, likely by the recipient, Rev. William Sandys. Thomas Rawlings (d. 1820), provincial banker and wealthy Cornish merchant, addressed to “Dear Sir”, likely Rev. William Sandys (d. 1816), Vicar at St Minver, Cornwall, the main content of the letter wholly concerning the provincial banknotes then in circulation in the kingdom, some of which were issued from Rawlings’ own institution, the Padstow Bank. The letter concerns the nature of provincial bank notes in Rawlings' time, and from the vantage point of one who creates them and handles them. Apparently his chief concern, expressed here, was that many provincial banknotes were made such that they were not payable in London, and instead were generally usable only in the county from which they were issued, thus making provincial banknotes "a burthen on the publick." "I am sorry I happend to be from home when Mr Warren calld Yesterday. -- If your local Notes are issued by the Truro Bank, or even by those of Bodmyn or Falmouth I will accomodate you with a Bill or London [Paper] for them as I may have opportunitys of sending them for payment & gett[in]g London Paper for them, but I am allready so burthened with the local Notes issued & payable at other places in this Country where I have little or no conexion that I really cannot give London Paper for them ... Had the Notes in circulation been all made payable in London there would be no sort of objection to their currency when issued by Men of responsibility, but being made payable in the Country only they are a burthen on the publick..." Item #52697

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