With over 1000 hand-painted illustrations

[Japanese manuscript visual dictionary of I Ching imagery]

[1800s]. 6 volumes, 1,025 entries in total with a manuscript illustration for each and annotations for most illustrations. The volumes are organized by I Ching hexagrams, with each hexagram section including a series of images, from mundane household objects, to mythical creatures, to full scenes. Some images are repeated between hexagrams, such as roosters and cats, and it appears that the work is the result of multiple hands, as the style and skill varies between books, or even between sections. The set is incomplete, and contains volumes 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 12 of 12 total volumes. Original stab bound green paper wrappers, worn and with fragments of title on a few volumes, lower cover of vol 12 partially perished, internal pages clean and bright. The title suggests an association with Neo-Daoism. Although unfortunately incomplete, this is an intriguing set with no similar examples that we could find. Item #53452

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