The Romancist and Novelist's Library ... New Series. Vol. III

London: John Clements, Little Putney Street, 1841. Nineteen titles in one volume, 8vo, title page and table of contents bound after p. 4 of Andrea Vivano (see below), and 6 pages of adverts for the Romancist and Novelist's Library bound in prior to Carleton (see below); all inprints as above Glasse, Francis. Memoirs of Andrew Winpenny, Count de Deux Sous; comprising numerous adventures in different countries. London: J. Clements ... for the proprietors of the Romancist and Novelist's Library, 1841, pp. 224; bound with: Weber, Veit. Woman's Revenge; or, the Tribunal of Blood, London [as above], 1841, pp. 42; bound with: Morton, A., The Charmed Scarf. A Tale. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 8; bound with: Schiller, Frederick. The Criminal, in Consequence of Lost Reputation. A True History. Translated for 'The Romancist' from the German. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 13, [1]; bound with: James, G. P. R. Bertrand de la Croix, or, the Siege of Rhodes. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 25, [1]; bound with: The Caliph's Adventure. An Eastern Story. By a popular author [drop title]. [Likely London: as above, 1841], pp. 6; bound with: Ker, Anne. Edric, the Forester; or the Mysteries of the Haunted Chamber. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 64; bound with: Romeo and Juliet; or, the Lovers of Verona. From the Italian of Matteo Bandello. (The Tale upon which the Tragedy of Shakespeare is Founded.) London: [as above], 1841, pp. 18; bound with: Edward Morgan; or, Will Nothing Please You. By the author of The Old Town Pump. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 12; bound with: The Wrecker. A Tale of the Sixteenth Century [drop title]. [Likely London: as above, 1841], pp. 2; bound with: Haynes, D. F. The Romance of the Castle. London: [as above], 1841, pp.106; bound with: Andrea Vivano; or, The Italian Poisoner. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 11, [1]; bound with: Willis, John R. Carleton; or, Duty and Patriotism. A Tale of the American Revolution. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 188, [4] ads for The Romancist and Novelist's Library; bound with: Lewis, M. G. Raymond and Agnes; or, The Bleeding Nun. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 78; bound with: Zadig; or The Book of Fate. A Tale from the French of Voltaire. London: [as above], 1841, (and with an 1841 copyright notice on the verso of the title page of Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia), pp. 32; bound with: Picken, Andre. The Three Kearneys. A Tale of the Dominie. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 11, [1]; bound with: Galt, John. The Unguarded Hour; or, the Martyr's Cross. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 6; bound with: Helme, Elizabeth. The Farmer of Inglewood Forest. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 162; bound with: Ritchie, Leitch. The Cheaterie Packman [drop title]. [Likely London: as above], 1841, pp. [3]-6, and likely missing a title page. Together in old quarter calf over marbled boards, aimlessly rebacked, but the binding is sound. Item #54683

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