Item #54683 The Romancist and Novelist's Library ... New Series. Vol. III. William Hazlitt.
The Romancist and Novelist's Library ... New Series. Vol. III

The Romancist and Novelist's Library ... New Series. Vol. III

London: John Clements, Little Putney Street, 1841. Nineteen titles in one volume, 8vo, title page and table of contents bound after p. 4 of Andrea Vivano (see below), and 6 pages of adverts for the Romancist and Novelist's Library bound in prior to Carleton (see below); all imprints as above Glasse, Francis. Memoirs of Andrew Winpenny, Count de Deux Sous; comprising numerous adventures in different countries. London: J. Clements ... for the proprietors of the Romancist and Novelist's Library, 1841, pp. 224; bound with: Weber, Veit. Woman's Revenge; or, the Tribunal of Blood, London [as above], 1841, pp. 42; bound with: Morton, A., The Charmed Scarf. A Tale. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 8; bound with: Schiller, Frederick. The Criminal, in Consequence of Lost Reputation. A True History. Translated for 'The Romancist' from the German. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 13, [1]; bound with: James, G. P. R. Bertrand de la Croix, or, the Siege of Rhodes. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 25, [1]; bound with: The Caliph's Adventure. An Eastern Story. By a popular author [drop title]. [Likely London: as above, 1841], pp. 6; bound with: Ker, Anne. Edric, the Forester; or the Mysteries of the Haunted Chamber. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 64; bound with: Romeo and Juliet; or, the Lovers of Verona. From the Italian of Matteo Bandello. (The Tale upon which the Tragedy of Shakespeare is Founded.) London: [as above], 1841, pp. 18; bound with: Edward Morgan; or, Will Nothing Please You. By the author of The Old Town Pump. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 12; bound with: The Wrecker. A Tale of the Sixteenth Century [drop title]. [Likely London: as above, 1841], pp. 2; bound with: Haynes, D. F. The Romance of the Castle. London: [as above], 1841, pp.106; bound with: Andrea Vivano; or, The Italian Poisoner. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 11, [1]; bound with: Willis, John R. Carleton; or, Duty and Patriotism. A Tale of the American Revolution. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 188, [4] ads for The Romancist and Novelist's Library; bound with: Lewis, M. G. Raymond and Agnes; or, The Bleeding Nun. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 78; bound with: Zadig; or The Book of Fate. A Tale from the French of Voltaire. London: [as above], 1841, (and with an 1841 copyright notice on the verso of the title page of Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia), pp. 32; bound with: Picken, Andre. The Three Kearneys. A Tale of the Dominie. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 11, [1]; bound with: Galt, John. The Unguarded Hour; or, the Martyr's Cross. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 6; bound with: Helme, Elizabeth. The Farmer of Inglewood Forest. London: [as above], 1841, pp. 162; bound with: Ritchie, Leitch. The Cheaterie Packman [drop title]. [Likely London: as above], 1841, pp. [3]-6, and likely missing a title page. Together in old quarter calf over marbled boards, aimlessly rebacked, but the binding is sound. Item #54683

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