A seasonable, legall, and historicall vindication and chronologicall collection of the good, old, fundamentall, liberties, franchises, rights, laws of all English freemen (their best inheritance, birthright, security, against arbitrary, tyrannicall, and Egyptian burdens) and of their strenuous defence in all former ages ; of late years most dangerously undermined, and almost totally subverted, under the specious disguise of their defence and future establishment, upon a sure basis, their pretended, greatest propugners

London: printed for the authour, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas in Green Arbour, 1654. First edition, apparently a second issue with a singleton signed "d" and numbered p. 25-26 inserted between D4 and E1 (p. 24 and 25), making text and catchwords continuous but disrupting pagination; also, the title page border does not lack a fleur-de-lis in top left corner and the 'A' forming the first word of title is above the 'E', of Seasonable; another setting has the 'A' above the 'L' of Seasonable; 4to, pp. [2], 26, 25-60; clean tear in D2 (no loss of text); Wing P-4062. Bound with: Prynne, William. The Second Part of a Seasonable, Legal and Historical Vindication... London: printed for the authour, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas dwelling in Green Arbour, 1655, first edition, 4to, pp. [76], 76; includes the genuine blank leaf [A1]; Wing P-4072; together 2 volumes in 1, 20th century plain paper wrappers; very good. A Third Part (by a different printer) was issued two years later. Prynne (1600-1669), the indefatigable Puritan pamphleteer, published approximately 200 books and pamphlets, and is said to have written a least a page for each day of his adult life. He suffered mightily for his opinions, being imprisoned on several occasions and losing both ears in the pillory. The present work attempts to demonstrate that free men have certain fundamental rights and that the powers and perogatives of the monarchy are limited. Within this framework, much ammunition is directed at the Jesuits. "Yet, in spite of these deficiencies [of style], the amount of historical work they contain, and the number of records printed for the first time in his pages gives his historical writings a lasting value" (DNB). Item #54691

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