Item #58433 Pro-forma military pass issued to "Mr. Schuyler & party" Department of Virginia Office of the Provost Marshall General.

Pro-forma military pass issued to "Mr. Schuyler & party"

Richmond, Va. May 12, 1865. Small printed pro-forma broadside approx. 5" square accomplished in ink in several hands. Issued shortly after the close of the Civil War when travel by civilians in formerly Confederate territory was still closely monitored by Union troops. This pass allows Schuyler "to pass from these Head-Quarters to Petersburgh with such articles as are necessary for this party to take and return," the pass expiring on May 15. Signed in type, "By command of Brig. General M. R. Patrick" as the Provost Marshall General, and countersigned in ink by Captain C. E. Scoville. Imprint at the bottom reads: "McGill & Witherow, printers & stereotypers, Washington, D.C." Item #58433

Price: $225.00