Item #58892 Three-page ALS to Emerson Wulling. William M. Cheney.

Three-page ALS to Emerson Wulling

Downey, CA: 1891. Three-page letter, densely written, 9" x 6"; from the California printer William M. Cheney to Emerson Wulling, himself a prolific small press printer (Sumac Press). Cheney covers a number of topics, all of which appear to be a response to a letter received from Wulling previously. He opines on the difference between linguists and philologists (Linguists distain rules and paradigms and are concerned mostly with talking to waiters, philologists can't communicate with anyone), miniature books (They walk, they jog, they bounce, they get underfoot), OSHA and the building of bookshelves ("The only tool I understand is a pocket knife, so my range of products is limited."). He also makes mention of a number of other printers and artisans, including Henry Evans, Wilder Bentley, David Kindersley, and Grant Dalhlstrom. Overall a warm and thoughtful letter, reflecting Cheney's characteristic wit. Accompanied by a bifolium prospectus on Cheney's work titled "Who is William Cheney?", with a number of facsimile images, written by Muir Dawson and printed by Grant Dahlstrom. The prospectus with an old fold, the letter in its original cover (addressed to "Ernest"), both fine. Item #58892

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